Before the start of the Service

Please decide where you would like to take the services on the bed, the couch or the floor.
On arrival

Please ensure that you are at your home/Hotel/Office for the time that you have booked the services. Our Therapist will arrive on time. In the unlikely event that the therapist is late s/he will contact you directly on the contact number provided by you.
After the session

Please share your feedback with our Therapist. You can do the same on the Testimonial App which is there with our therapists.
you have any complaints or would like to speak to us please write in to
Cancellations and amendments

In case there is a change in your plans and you wish to cancel the appointment please cancel 3 HOURS PRIOR to the scheduled appointment.
If you wish to amend your booking, you can do so by calling us at 8010801091 or WhatsApp on the same.
Prices and opening hours

All prices quoted on the booking page is final inclusive of taxes with no hidden fee. Our Therapists operate from 9:00 AM on all 7 days of the week
Points to remember

  • If booked for Spa/ Facial service, please avoid intake of caffeine before your appointment -- it’s hard to relax on the massage table when you’re still jittery from your afternoon coffee! The same goes for eating a heavy meal (have a gap of at least 2 hrs).
  • If you’ve booked any exfoliation treatments, do not shave/ wax less than 24 hours or more before your appointment.
Please mention if you have any medical condition